The 60-year-old woman Alejandra Marissa won the title of 'Miss Universe Buenos Aires'
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60-year-old Alejandra Marissa of Argentina broke the stereotypes and created a new history by taking the title of ‘Miss Universe Buenos Aires’.

According to an Arab media report, Alejandra Marisa is also an experienced lawyer and journalist. Alejandra has broken the record for the oldest woman to be named Miss Universe Buenos Aires by taking the title. Earlier, this record was held by RB Gabriel from America, who won this award in 2022.

Speaking to the media, Alejandra said, “I am very excited about a new beginning in beauty pageants. I think we are entering a phase that is not limited to women’s physical beauty but also a set of values. The judges saw my confidence and passion.

In a video, Alejandra Marisa, who claimed the title of Miss Universe Buenos Aires, said that she was encouraged by her friends because, before that encouragement, she also believed that there was no age where she would be a They could start the phase, but when they decided, they did it.

Alejandra says that her victory has sent a positive message to many women, and she has received many messages in which women say that they have been inspired by this victory. Alejandra added that age is not a weakness but an asset.

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