World's First: AI Diplomat Victoria Xi Debuts in Ukraine
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AI diplomatic representative Victoria Xi was introduced to Ukraine. For the first time in the world, a government diplomatic spokesperson based on artificial intelligence (AI) has been developed in a country. On May 1, Ukraine introduced AI spokeswoman Victoria.

This AI digital avatar will serve to issue statements from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the first time in the world, statements will be read out by a digital interpreter. Dressed in a black suit, this AI spokeswoman introduces herself as Victoria Shay.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that the statements issued by Victoria will not be prepared with the help of AI but will be written by real people. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that this is a breakthrough in new interpreter technology that no other diplomatic service in the world has been able to do so far.

He further informed us that the purpose of preparing this digital avatar is to ensure the saving of time and resources for diplomats. Victoria’s personality and voice are based on a real woman, Rosalie Nombre, a Ukrainian singer.


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