Addition of a new and best AI feature in WhatsApp
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WhatsApp is adding an interesting feature based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Keep in mind that WhatsApp has undergone several changes in recent months. First, the company changed the design of the app, then introduced AI stickers and various other tools and features.

Now the Meta-owned company is introducing an AI feature that will help users create profile photos. According to a report by Wabetainfo, the feature of AI profile photos has been introduced in the new Android beta (beta) version of WhatsApp. The report said that the new beta version indicates that WhatsApp is working on more AI features to improve the experience of using the app for users.

The report added that this new feature will allow users to create creative AI profile photos that match their personalities. According to the report, under this feature, users will write instructions to the AI image generator, and it will generate a profile photo accordingly. With this feature, users will not have to waste time finding or taking a good picture for their profile, but AI technology will do it.

This feature will also protect the privacy of the users, as it will be difficult to use the AI profile photo for any wrongdoing. It is not yet clear which AI model will be used for this feature. Similarly, it is not clear when this feature can be introduced, as it is still being worked on.

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