After ten minutes of the first marriage, the mistake was realized by Nadia Khan
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Nadia Khan Reveals Regrets and Reflections on Her First Marriage.

Karachi: Renowned Pakistani actress and host Nadia Khan has revealed that she realized her mistake ten minutes after her first marriage. Talking on a YouTube channel, the actor Nadia Khan talked about her first marriage and the situation that happened after that.

He said that although my first marriage was for love, after ten minutes I realized that I had made the wrong decision to marry, yet I tried to maintain the relationship for ten years. The actress said that now people listen to me and say, Why did I stay with my husband for such a long time when I, as a woman, wanted to establish my own home, which I sacrificed for ten years to save?

He said that the reason for not ending the relationship soon was society, saying that my family members were against it and they also had special views. Despite trying for a decade, the marriage failed, but I hid all the issues that happened to me from my parents and family.

Nadia Khan said that not only was I violated by the decision to marry, but I also think that the ex-husband was also wronged. She said that the children often meet their father, who lives abroad, and she also supports him.

It should be noted that Nadia Khan’s first marriage was with a man named Khawar, after which she gave birth to a daughter and a son, and then it ended in separation, after which the actress married a retired officer of the Pakistan Air Force in 2021. Nadia Khan’s second husband, Faisal Mumtaz Rao, has had two previous marriages, and this is his third marriage with the actress.

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