A fine of 100000 riyals can be imposed for Hajj regulations
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Increased Fines for Hajj regulations

Warning to Unauthorized Hajj Participants

The Saudi Ministry of Interior has announced more fines for violating the rules and regulations of Hajj. The Saudi government has threatened to fine both international and domestic individuals who undertake the Hajj regulations without permission, according to Al Arabiya News. The fine is 100,000 riyals.

Enforcement Measures by Saudi Ministry of Interior

A statement issued by the Ministry of Interior states that anyone caught without a permit in the central area of Makkah, Haramin Haram Makki, Haramin Train Station Al-Rusifah, and the Central Security Control Center will be arrested and fined.

Areas Covered by Fines and Arrests

The statement warns that the penalty will be doubled if the mistake is repeated to ensure compliance with Hajj procedures and thwart attempts at fake Hajj.

Penalties for Unauthorized Entry to Holy Sites

Pilgrims have been requested to obtain permission by following the prescribed procedure before coming to the holy places to avoid any disorder.

Precautionary Measures for Pilgrims

A record number of pilgrims from all over the world are expected to come to Saudi Arabia this year. Strict rules and regulations have been made to provide facilities to as many people as possible and to ensure the Hajj’s happiness.

Expected Increase in Pilgrims to Saudi Arabia

Regulations for a Smooth Hajj Experience

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